Light Sensor IC

Product IDCategorySize (mm)PackageFeaturesApplicationsDownload Datasheet
LR1293ALight Sensor IC3*3OQFN-12L
LR1293A ComboLight Sensor IC3.4*2.4OQFN-12L
LR1295BLight Sensor IC3*3OQFN-10L
1293MInfrared Proximity Sensor Module8*20 (optional)Acrylic + Rubber Mat Core
1295MInfrared Proximity Sensor Module8*20 (optional)Acrylic + Potting + Waterproof Line Core


Faucet, hand dryer, etc. Induction ware-1295B


Integrating the infrared receiving head and the control function of the MCU and the LED/solen valve motor driving circuit into one chip;

Not only the size is greatly reduced, but also the material cost can be reduced by about 50%.

Lamp sensor switch-1293


The chip integrates the LED driver circuit, and the peripheral circuit is more compact.

Both the inductive switch and the ambient light sensor function to achieve the brightness of the stepless adjustment lamp