Sensor IC

Lineara develops light sensors and multi-sensors data sampling and processing systems.


Application Solustions

IR Proximity Sensors

Based on light sensor IC LR1293/1294/1295,can work stand alone or combined with a MCU. To achieve long reach or low power consumption or small size/high integration.


Multi-Sensor Multiplexing and Sampling

Based on LR1650,which contained 12 channel multiplexing, ADC and SPI interface. Can be combined to form large system through SPI Daisy Chain.


Battery Manegement System (BMS)

Multicell Li-ion Battery Stack Monitor LR1620, Monitor up to 15 Li-ion cells in series (60v Max), 12bit ADC with SPI interface, On-chip Passive Cell Balancing Switches, Current and Temperature measurements, 12V and 5V LDO output

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